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Pharma Solutions

Providing vitamins, carotenoids and lipids APIs to the pharmaceutical industry

In 2003, DSM acquired Roche’s vitamins, carotenoids and fine chemicals businesses, including comprehensive know-how and expertise in pharmaceutical applications. Building on this heritage in the pharmaceutical industry and capitalizing on its extensive expertise in vitamin, carotenoid and EPA and DHA Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), DSM is in a unique position to provide customers in the pharmaceutical industry with entirely customized support throughout every stage of a project.

How we can help you

DSM is currently the only company in the world to hold both US Drug Master Files (DMFs) and CEP certificates for all 13 essential vitamins. DSM offers its pharmaceutical customers with unparalleled worldwide sustainability of supply and speed to market, accelerating the registration process to get products to market faster.

Customized support

With extensive experience in pharma-grade vitamins, carotenoids and lipids Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), DSM provides customers with entirely customized support throughout every stage of a project. DSM’s full regulatory, scientific and quality expertise and GMP-qualified production sites ensure that projects are both safe and compliant.

Global network

In addition to its strong IP portfolio, DSM’s 400-strong R&D team provide expertise in clinical trials. DSM also has a global network of regulatory specialists, equipped to cater support in response to customers’ local regulations.

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