Bright Science Awards

Nurturing science and innovation

Studying the challenges we face…and delivering answers and solutions

There are many definitions and sub-definitions of what science really means. At DSM it’s about looking at the world we live in, studying the challenges we face…and delivering answers and solutions that benefit people, planet – and of course profit. It’s this belief that underpins the DSM Bright Science Awards.

Open to PhD graduates as well as seasoned scientists all over the world, in everything from human and animal nutrition to materials science, our awards are intended to ensure that we all continue to benefit from bright science.

PhD Graduates

DSM Science & Technology Awards

Recognizing, rewarding and nurturing talent

The Science & Technology Awards were established to recognize and reward excellence in innovative PhD research in various fields that are of interest to DSM. With the many challenges facing our world there has never been a better time to be a young scientist. Our award is aimed at helping recognize, reward and nurture this young talent.

Lifetime Recognition

Materials and Nutritional Sciences Awards

Promoting pioneering scientific research

We believe it is our responsibility to nurture and develop bright science to help create brighter lives for all. Our awards recognize pioneering scientific research that leads to products or applications that enhance people’s quality of life and are intended to ensure we all continue to benefit from bright science.

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  • Lifetime Achievement Awards

    Lifetime achievement awards go to seasoned scientists all over the world for their pioneering research in human and animal nutrition and materials sciences.

  • PhD Graduate Awards

    The Science & Technology Awards are part of DSM’s Bright Science Awards program and recognize innovative PhD research.

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