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Brighter Living Solutions Case Studies

Measurably better impact on the planet and people

DSM’s Brighter Living Solutions are profitable products and innovations that have a measurably better impact on planet (formerly ECO+) and/or people (formerly People+) than mainstream solutions. These are some examples.
Anti-reflective solar glass coating: Increasing solar glass efficency

Anti-Relective Solar Coating: Increasing solar glass efficency

Solar energy systems will play an increasingly central role in the energy economy of the future. First developed in 2010, DSM’s anti-reflective coating is the best-performing technology for solar cover glass on the market today. Applying the anti-reflective coating to the solar cover glass means more light is able to penetrate, thereby increasing energy output. In fact it enables a power gain over uncoated modules of around 3% in flash tests, and an improved additional light gain over the daily cycle of systems in the field exceeding 4%. In addition, our anti-reflective coating's smooth, closed structure and surface gives the coating unprecedented durability in even the most extreme weather conditions and prevents dirt and residue of all kinds from penetrating or adhering to the coating’s surface.

In 2013 our anti-reflective coating was subjected to a comparative life cycle assessment and was added to DSM’s portfolio of Brighter Living Solutions.

Arnitel® VT: A 100% barrier against fluids, bacteria and viruses

Arnitel® VT: A 100% barrier against fluids, bacteria and viruses

Arnitel® VT is a very flexible and breathable material that, when made into membranes just a few microns thick, is 100% waterproof, highly breathable and very comfortable. Arnitel VT based membranes are not reliant on tiny perforations, but due to its unique material design it is breathable and comfortable but is a 100% barrier against fluids, bacteria and even viruses.

Surgical gowns are a critical instrument for surgeons and patients. Gowns manufactured with the Arnitel VT technology finally provide the surgeon with 100% protection against viruses and bacteria without loss of comfort.

Harnessing the scientifically-proven health benefits of oat beta-glucan

OatWell®: Harnesses the scientifically-proven health benefits of oat beta-glucan

Undoubtedly prevention is better than cure and for an increasingly affluent world population living longer, more sedentary lives this means increased demand for health and nutrition solutions, from diet to biomedical devices that extend an active lifestyle.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance vital for the normal functioning of the body. However, high cholesterol can increase the risk of heart disease. Lots of different factors can contribute to high blood cholesterol including diet, lack of exercise, obesity, excessive drinking and smoking. The personal and financial costs are vast.

Oats have been cultivated in Europe since 1000 BC, and were mainly used for animal feed before becoming a basic foodstuff for humans in colder climates where they grow best – Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland and Scotland. Yet it wasn’t until as recently as the 1960’s that the positive effect oats’ soluble dietary fibers, oat beta-glucan, have on cholesterol levels was first discovered.

DSM’s OatWell harnesses the scientifically-proven health benefits of oat beta-glucan to reduce cholesterol levels. Made using the finest Scandinavian oats, OatWell is added as a nutritional ingredient to breakfast cereals, biscuits and other grain based products by our customers. As well as reducing cholesterol levels, just 3g of OatWell consumed daily also has clinically proven health benefits in the areas blood glucose control and general gastrointestinal health, thereby improving the health of end-users.

In addition to its proven contribution to the health condition of end-users, the oats used for OatWell create benefits for local communities in the Nordic countries where they are sourced, contributing to local employment and prosperity.

100% natural yeast savory taste enhancer reduces sodium consumption

Maxarome®: 100% natural yeast savory taste enhancer reduces sodium consumption

Mineral salt helps to manage the fluid balance in your body. However, scientific research shows that too much sodium in the form of salt is bad for your heart health as it raises blood pressure. Hypertension, a major modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease and mortality, could be lowered through the reduction of sodium intake. While the World Health Organization recommends we eat no more than 5g of salt daily, data shows European adults are eating between 6 and 18g a day. A global survey in 2013 confirmed urban consumers are confused about how much salt they should consume, and how much they actually consume, a problem compounded by a Western diet where 75-80% of salt is present in convenience foods.

Beyond its obvious saltiness, salt is added to food to enhance taste, increase product shelf life and improve texture. Finding a substitute that tastes just as good, continues to be a defining challenge for food producers.

A study co-authored by a team of scientists at DSM and Unilever, published in September 2015, was set up to assess the public health benefit of salt reduction. A modelling tool was developed which demonstrates that it is possible to achieve a public health impact through salt reduction in soup. The study demonstrated that small actions as part of a broader initiative of salt reduction can add up and can make a big difference in public health and healthcare costs, by preventing cardiovascular disease. The model used in this study has formed a blueprint for further measurements of nutrient intake on public health.

The study used DSM’s People+ yeast extract, Maxarome®, to replace 25% of the salt content in the soup. From DSM’s Salt Reduction ToolboxMaxarome is one of a range of all-natural savory taste enhancers derived from 100% natural yeast. Yeast extracts contain high-quality proteins that complement every recipe and because it’s highly concentrated, only small quantities (less than 1% of the overall recipe) are required to achieve great taste.