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Food Loss & Waste

Taking a bite out of food waste

What can we possibly do to avoid the colossal food waste that continues around the world? Well, as it turns out, quite a bit. At DSM we’re helping through everything from more resource efficient food production, to ingenious packaging, antioxidants that keep food nutritious and safe, and the right animal nutrition. This is all aimed at reducing the world’s $940 billion food waste bill every year - which also accounts for about 8% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, as well as ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss.
Food Loss & Waste

The perfect package in food

How do you produce a delicious, nutritious product that lasts using the basic ingredients in the most efficient way? Our Pack-Age® cheese packaging offers an ingenious way of cheese ripening, protecting the product against the growth of mold during natural ripening, thus delivering a fantastic, fresh cheese to the consumer whilst reducing the loss of cheese in the production process. The science behind Pack-Age is based on a moisture-permeable, breathable membrane that eliminates the need for an inedible crust, which means less edible cheese is wasted. What’s more the increased packaging efficiency lowers the carbon footprint of cheese production by 10%. Good for people, planet and profit.

If all the world’s naturally ripened Gouda & Parmesan cheeses were ripened with Pack-Age, we’d save 3.6 billion liters of milk; 200,000 tons less cheese would be wasted; and there would be €200 million more profit to share throughout the value chain.

Antioxidants that extend shelf life

If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of Global Greenhouse Gas emissions worldwide behind the United States and China. And the financial cost is almost as serious as the environmental one – amounting to nearly $1 trillion each year.

One answer is to avoid food spoilage (a deterioration in color, texture, smell or taste) and extend shelf life – which is what we are doing at DSM with antioxidants like vitamins C and E that a more natural and scientifically proven solution by slowing down the oxidation processes that cause food to spoil. Foods that last longer after opening are great for consumers’ pockets, but also good for their health thanks to the intrinsic health benefits of our vitamins.

Smart plastic packaging

To keep food safe, nutritious and prevent it from being wasted, our thermoplastic solution for food package come in. The semi-crystalline structure of our Akulon® material provides a strong barrier against oxygen and aromas while being strong and durable. The result is that it extends the shelf life of packaged food, protecting both fresh and processed foods from spoilage, aging and discoloration. Not a bad package…

Preventing eggs go to waste

One interesting way to produce more resource efficient, improve yield and at the same time tackle food waste from protein products like chicken and eggs are animal feed solutions. Our Hy-D® feed solution improves bird health and bone strength, including egg shells. This benefits animal welfare, it makes more chicken meat available for consumers but also helps strengthen egg shells, which causes 15% less eggs being broken and more saleable.